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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crazy Garlic!

You may recall that last November, I planted some 60+ cloves of garlic. Well, after much growing (and using up every spare pot and square inch I had)... I present, 40+ heads of garlic!!

It got a little too heavy at this point:

(This is a classic face that both my sister and I make, just about every time someone takes a picture of us. We both find it hilarious!)

But I digress... Garlic is a great plant to grow; it's easy, mostly done over winter when not much else is growing, and can grow in full sun to partial shade. (I grew some last year in the backyard, if you can believe it; it actually made it!) You know that garlic is ready to be picked when it turns yellow, looks dead, and falls over. You want to pull it up pretty soon after that, or it can start to rot- and that's just a waste! Some of these were kind of hard to pull up, so you may have to dig around to loosen the roots a bit. After you pull them up, they need to "cure" or dry for a couple of weeks before you eat them. I just had some yesterday that I pulled up 3 weeks ago. Fresh garlic is waaay better than the stuff you get at the store; but it's also got a milder flavor, so you may want more of it. I'm planning to save at least a few heads to plant this fall, and hopefully this will be enough to last me a long while!

You can cut off the tops when you're ready to eat the garlic, or braid them together if you want to be all fancy and hang it somewhere. I'm not so fancy, but I DO have a lot of it to deal with; so I may actually braid it once it's dried.

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