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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Before and After

This is how the front yard top-of-the-hill started:

Now I've ripped out about half of the ivy that needs to go:

I'm planning to line the path with bricks, and make a giant strawberry/other edibles patch, at the one place in my yard that is actually flat AND gets sun. (amazing, right?)

Here is some of the new bed alongside the driveway. I've created it entirely out of compost put over the remains of ripped out junipers. I can never remember this name, and I hate it, so it is now renamed "crapuler". :)

I really did not expect for the plants (esp. rhubarb and strawberries) to get so big in so little time. I've actually had to tie up the rhubarb and cut back some strawberry leaves for the fruits to get enough sun to turn red! Every time I get some more space, I move a few things further out. It's complete insanity!

Finished edge~!

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