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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's getting to be that time...

Strawberry season!

I'm discovering a secret competetive streak; my future sisters-in-law bought a house last year, that came complete with dozens upon dozens of mature strawberry plants. I am doing my best to catch up with them. So far, I have one patch that I started last year, and I keep adding new plants to the bed alongside the driveway as I go along. The thing is.. it's getting a little out of control! I can't seem to stop myself from buying new plants when I see them (and they're cheap, vs. the $9 giant plant package I got at the end of the season last year) and there are still some in the garage to be planted!

The truth is, I will probably never be capable of growing enough strawberries to eat them whenever I'd like to; that just doesn't happen in our climate. But, I can try!

The nice thing about planting strawberries is this: they are perennials! They come back year after year, and they send out shoots (or "runners") to make new plants too. When this happens, you can find something to anchor the shoot to the ground, and it will produce roots. After that happens, you can cut the runner and plant the plant! More berries for everyone!

If you don't have an actual yard or ground space, you can plant them in baskets. How nice is that? Just make sure you give them enough water; I had some that were in planters on the side of my building one year, and they dried out before they even had a chance.

To sum up: Strawberries are great! They come back year after year, and reproduce themselves. Sun is good for them, but so is a bit of shade. There are a lot of varieties out there, so go try them!


  1. =( I just wrote a novel of a comment and it got zapped into cyber-space. *cries* Ok, for a do-over...if this makes a duplicate, please delete one so I don't look crazy! LOL

    I LOVE strawberries and have eaten about 9 pounds of them so far this season! I found a muffin recipe online a couple years ago and made some changes to it to make it more like a cupcake (since I hate muffins)and also to incorporate lime, so if you'd like a strawberry-lime cupcake-like-muffin recipe, email me and I'll shoot it over to you. =)

    Our neighbor in the other half of this duplex has wild strawberry plants on one side of the house and in front. They flower, but I've never seen them fruit. I just noticed a few months ago that we have one growing in our "grass" out back. I hope it spreads because it would be cool to have a "step-able" ground cover out there. Between the dandelions, wild violets, and moss, we don't really have grass anyhow. =)

    I tried growing strawberries in a hanging basket for a couple years, but they never made more than a couple berries. Not sure if they were bum plants or if it was operator error. ;) I planted 6 more in a hanging deck rail planter (2 plants of 3 diff. kinds) and so far, they look ok.

  2. I think you can file this under "all things that need a wagon", cause u can fill one with strawberries and come on over to Brooklyn. This makes me wanna build a plot just for them...YUM!