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Monday, May 23, 2011

Office... now in technicolor!

A while ago, I decided to paint my office orange. It was kind of a crazy choice, but I totally love it. Here is a small tour... you may want sunglasses!

On the left is my tower of fabric storage, including scraps, remnants, full fabrics, store-bought patterns, and homemade patterns. Oh, and some pillow stuffing. Then there is my desk which is mostly used for cutting out small pattern pieces and quilting things. That pink thing is a sari I bought a million years ago, made into curtains, and is now my little pink reading tent.

Tent again, my favorite painting that I did in college, and many crafty books. Oh, and relaxing zen fountain that never fails to remind me to go to the bathroom!

Built in storage cabinets, assorted IKEA storage thingies, and sewing table. Also fun ribbon display and thread caddy. The chair will be covered in cupcake fabric soon!

Back of the door crafty storage- glue gun, glue for glue gun, knitting and crochet needles, yarn, interfacing, and other assorted goodies! John managed to get it to be attached to the door this way, and I'm really happy with it- no permanent scarring!

Also that little silver lamp in the lower right corner is part of my lightbox, also invented by John. Sometimes I use it for pictures on this here blog!

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