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Friday, May 27, 2011

My new favorite design blog...

Is called Belle Maison 23. A lot of design-type blogs are so very boring. I've noticed this trend lately, of design based on: white. White everything, with some dashes of color. And white some more. Maybe some grey (ooh! wild side!). And while I think this looks kind of pretty in pictures, in my life it is just freaking Boring. (almost every room in my house is painted a color. Even the bathrooms. White is not a color!) I couldn't take it any more. I deleted all of the style blogs I had that were like this, even if I sometimes liked some of the dashes of color or decorative items (decor8, I'm talking to you.) But then I came across Belle Maison 23, and I just love it. Colors, people! COLOR. And decorative laundry rooms! (mine is purple) So, if you like color and interesting style as much as I do, you should go check them out!


  1. Does that mean you didn't like my WHITE house? ROFLMAO. I hate renting...everything is white. I love that you are making your home colorful! Have fun with it!

  2. No, your house is awesome! It's just as a design theme, white everywhere is not something I'm capable of. You should ask if you can paint; my last rental I asked, almost as a joke, and they were totally cool with it!

  3. My landlord is a big cockhead and won't allow us to paint anything. I think it's because the last people who lived here painted the master bedroom and vanity area PINK and left it like that upon moveout. LOL I can still see pink through the godawful white. Someday I will have a colorful home.....until then, I'll keep on stashing away ideas and paint chips and dreaming through the blogs of others. I super LOVE your craft room. It's the perfect orange.