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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gardening (photos) at night...

This is the new bed in the front yard I've been working on since last year...

Sedum and strawberries seem to like it...

My new magnolia tree! (that still needs a planting spot. Oops!)

Ranuculous (sp?) that actually came back! (and onions and Greek oregano)

Hello gorgeous.

Yes, this is a double tulip; not a peony. I think it's my new favorite flower! (shh... don't tell the freesias!)


All those tall things? Those are heads of garlic that I planted back in November.

Those are some more! (I'll never need to buy garlic again, once it's done growing!)

Tiny little celeries!

Can you believe something this pretty tastes like onions? :)

The azaleas are just starting to bloom

Some more than others


  1. Looking really good! I super love the little celery plants! Are they hard to grow?

  2. It's my first time trying them; but they looked so cute, I had to get them! :)

  3. We eat a ton of celery, but I've never thought to try growing them ourselves. Maybe after I find out how yours went this year, I'll put them on my list for next year. :D A little tidbit from Martha Stewart...if you wrap your celery in aluminum foil and store it in the fridge like that, it will stay crisp and fresh for a LONG time. No more wimpy limpy celery!