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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vegan Girl Scout Cookies! (Thin Mints)

It has come to my attention that perhaps there have not been enough cakes in this wagon lately. To remedy this, I bring you: Vegan Thin Mints Since I cannot claim any creation rights of this recipe, I have linked to Chef Chloe's amazing amazing recipe! You have to trust me because everything she makes is gold. GOLD! Even though I was a little bit skeptical of only adding 3 Tbsp. of soy milk to the recipe, I did it. And it worked. The only thing I did differently was to coat the cookies in chocolate only on the tops (and it actually used a bit less chocolate coating than the recipe says; next time I'd do about 1.5 cups of chocolate chips instead.) So, I made the cookies: Only used a teaspoon of dough each! The recipe made 65 COOKIES. (not including dough bits that I was forced to taste. At gunpoint.) Then I made the chocolate coating. The gunman made me try that too. Then I spread it onto the cookies, and chilled them in the freezer (to be able to eat them faster). I can safely say that this was a completely worthwhile endeavor!
(You could also sandwich them together like that one in the top row, if you are crazy like that. John loves anything that has the word "sandwich" in it, so that's his favorite!)

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