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Saturday, March 5, 2011

PNW Flower and Garden Show!

While the PNW Flower and Garden show was last weekend, it's taken me almost that long to recover!

From all the gorgeous exhibition gardens to the several hours of workshops I attended, it's going to take me a week or two to tell you all about it. Some highlights...

The Alice in Wonderland garden; completely amazing!

This was another exhibit; not sure which one, but they used wine corks as stepping stone filler!

And there were plenty of wonderful gates, welded pieces of garden art, giant bugs, birdbaths, and plants to go around! Next up, the Alice in Wonderland garden, in total!


  1. Oh how FUN! Our yard is a total work in progress (rental) and we're still in the "rip this crap out" stage. Between the squirrels, raccoons, stellars jays, and the lone bunny, everything I planted last year became noms. LOL Looking forward to seeing more of your pics!

  2. A year ago, I planted something like 144 crocus bulbs; not a single one came up... all eaten! This year, I put most of them in the front yard, in various pots and parts of the yard that are usually ignored by squirrels, and it seems to have worked! (let's see what that bout of snow did though.. ) I definitely have tons of crap to rip out of my yard too! :)

  3. Oh good to know I'm not the only one with super hungry wild critters! Our front "yard" if you can even call it that, is just a patch of really ugly low shrubbery crap. I don't know what it is called, but it's getting a serious trim ASAP. =)