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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Sunset Magazine,

I find your current renewal slogan pretty obnoxious. My subscription expires in 2 MONTHS.

I've been getting renewal notices since about issue #4 of subscribing. I love your magazine, and I will renew it, but are you so strapped for cash that you have to send me like 6 renewal notices?

Maybe if you saved a few of those trees, you could affort to freak out a little less. Sincerely,
Yes, I'm totally sending them this. Ridiculous!


  1. That totally funny! I had to send something similar to Taste of Home, although I no longer subscribe to them.

  2. Gah! I was so annoyed with them; especially since they started sending renewal notices so early; it was really after only a couple of issues!

  3. What really gets under my skin are the magazines that come wrapped in plastic and stuffed with a bunch of bs that I don't want. Since when did that become so popular? And almost all the magazines I subscribe to start sending those pesky renewal notices when I'm barely into my subscription in the first place. Drives me bonkers....but it was a short drive. :D

  4. Agreed! I don't know when they started doing all the plastic coverings; not all of my magazines do it, but quite a few do. :(