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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cupcake Commercial....

Today, I am a walking advertisement for this place.

When we first started planning our wedding, I was going with an entirely different cupcakery; but these guys have totally won me over. I stopped by one day to get a few cupcakes to try, as an at-home-and-easy impromptu cake tasting party. After wiping the crumbs off of my "official" testing paper, we came up with a rating system from ***** to "yes!". Yeah, I'm not sure what that means either.

For our official tasting next weekend, they are letting us choose 10 DIFFERENT CUPCAKES to try. They don't pick them, we do! And... we can pick a time. This may not seem like a big deal, but some bakeries have preset days/times and if you can't make it then... too bad for you. These guys? Are awesome.
And have I mentioned the interior of the shop? It's pink and green, which I love. They have a vintage-style refrigerator that I am very jealous of, and the decor is way cute. Totally puts them over the edge of cuteness.
And the frostings. OMG THE FROSTING! I consider myself to be a pretty damn good baker; but this stuff is surreal. (I'm sure it's healthy too... right?) They even sell it by the cup, if you just wanted to, I don't know, eat it straight up? It's that good.
So, yes. I'm sold! And the next time you're in Crossroads in Bellevue, you should totally stop in because they are amazing.


  1. Your review makes me want to get my clothes on (in pjs ALL day today, bleh) and drive my lazy arse to Crossroads in the rain in Friday Redmond traffic just so I can have a cupcake, too! And frosting by the cup? Um, yes please!

  2. I almost went out there today, seriously! They have one on Fridays called "Sleepless in Seattle" that's a mocha cake with mocha frosting (they don't have it on our tasting day :( so I was extra tempted for today!) (oh, and I was in my pjs until 2:00 today. Nice lazy day!)

  3. Aww, thanks so much Dana! So glad you like our cupcakes!!! Next time you stop by ask for me and say hi! Love your blog!


  4. I ♥ mocha! Do they have a tiramisu one? Damn, I really need to go out there and get a cupcake or three. I'm so excited for your tasting day! I hope you'll blog all about it. =)