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Monday, March 28, 2011

Breakfasts of Champions!

Carb champions, that is!! :) (note: we did not eat both of these foods on the same day, but I did make them on the same day) Exhibit A: Hashbrowns I LOVE hashbrowns. The problem? I don't love piles of oil. I try and try, but my hashbrowns almost always are mushy and not crunchy. Is there a way around this without using half a bottle of oil? Should I try peanut oil? Usually my best defense is to just turn them into baked cottage fries or potato cubes with some onions and spices (which are completely delicious, but not the same as regular hashbrowns.) I have tried rinsing the, wringing out water, salting... Please advise if you have any ideas!! Exhibit B: Granola We love granola around here. This one had cashews, coconut, cinnamon, dried pineapple, and dried apricots. I've learned from the mistakes of my past that it's best to add fruit AFTER you bake it, just so you don't break any teeth! Hope your weekend was just as delicious!!


  1. I ♥ hashbrowns, too...but only the shreddy kind, not the cubes. And they *must* be crispy on the outside. I shred the spuds, rinse them, and dry them in a clean kitchen towel and then cook them in a very thin layer in a non-stick electric skillet with a bit of oil. I think the key to crispy and not mushy/oily is to leave them alone for a LONG time before flipping them. Another method that works well is to par-bake the potatoes before shredding them and then cooking them directly in the bit of oil (you know, skip the rinsing and crap).

    Your granola looks great. I learned the hard way about the fruit, too....if you add raisins or dried cranberries at the beginning, you wind up with little burnt, acrid tasting, rabbit pellets. Not yummy at all. =/

  2. Try #2 today: I dried them out extra good with some paper towels, used canola oil, and did a very thin layer- it seemed to be much better! Thanks for the tip!! :)