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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Garden

This garden was my complete and total favorite! I first went to the Garden show on Wednesday, to volunteer with the Bellevue Botanical Garden; and I just got there too late to see everything. I knew I had to come back on Saturday, just to walk the whole place (and try to avoid spending piles of money... it was very hard!)

(Side note: the BBG's auction theme this year? Alice in Gardenland. You better believe I'm going!)
On one side of the garden. Yes, the caterpiller is kind of creepy.

An actual white rabbit!

And lots of flamingoes

Darling mushroom table/stool set

One of the cards at the entrance

Part of "Alice's Labyrinth"; made from compost "socks" long nylon tubes filled with soil, stacked, and flowers planted directly in them! Also like the giant teapot planter. (totally giving me shopping ideas!)

The Queen of (moss) Hearts

Another side of the labyrinth. It smelled amazing! So many fragrant flowers; lily of the valley, hyacinth, daisies, primroses...

Back view of labyrinth/queen

Caterpillar again

This was actually the tea party scene. Alice is a semi-scary doll. The teacups and hostas were nice though!

I love this.

I really really loved this garden. For more info on the builders, or to get a sneak peek of all my pictures from the show, you can find me on Facebook under Crafty Cakewagon!


  1. I super love the mushroom table and stools...so freaking cute! It would look awesome amongst the wild Oregon grape we've got in a corner of our back yard.

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