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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Why is pho so freaking delicious? If you've never had it, imagine a bowl of noodles in a clear broth, add some carrots, broccoli, snow peas, bean sprouts, fried tofu (I wrote "friend tofu" at first... yes, tofu is your friend!) and some green onions. Then. The basil. Add some Thai basil (the purple kind). SO GOOD. And then a piece or two of lime, squease the juice into the broth and then throw the whole thing in there to steep. You can also add a sliver or two of jalapeno (really helps if you're sick, which I kind of am right now) and some spicy "cock" sauce. A little plum sauce or soy sauce too, if you like. Then wait a moment to blend the flavors together... and dig in! Pho is esp. good when the weather is overcast and rainy, or just cold out. Go try some today!

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