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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ginger Tea

This ginger tea is my new favorite thing right now. Sometimes ginger teas can be too... well, gingery. They cloud up with ginger, and that's just too much for me. (like the Stash brand; I just can't do it.) But this one? Is great. There's a slight hint of cinnamon and citrus to it that it just fantastic. I even don't mind that it cost $1 more than the other teas because it's organic. It's THAT GOOD.

But, if you want to make some on your own, you can always just grate up some fresh ginger and add it to some boiling water with a little honey. Cheaper, and homemade, all in one!


  1. I'm pretty much in love with the Tazo organic chai. It's awesome with a tiny splash of vanilla creamer or vanilla coconut milk. Ginger is a fave of mine, but I've not found this tea, yet! I'm putting it on the list! Where did you find it locally?

  2. I sometimes do chai with some vanilla soy milk and a tiny bit of brown sugar. Mmmmm!
    My other favorite of theirs is Sweet Orange... I think I finished the box in like two weeks! I just got it at QFC, I think; the only other store I've shopped lately is Safeway, so if it's not one it's the other!

  3. Ok, thanks! I'll check QFC and Safeway this weekend. I also love the Wild Sweet Orange...I drank that a lot when I was pregnant with my first baby 16 years ago, which is when I first discovered Tazo. What a great company!