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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold Avoidance

It's true... I have a cold. I've been fighting it with pho and loads of tea, but to no avail.

The nice people at Sparkpeople have posted a list of things to do to avoid getting a cold; let's see how many of them I do: (and maybe this will help you to avoid my fate!)

get enough sleep- check
eat lots of veggies- check
vitamins- sometimes, check
drink alcohol once in a while- ?? not every day, but sometimes
get moderate exercise- when I'm not sick! check
lower stress- yoga! check

However, they do NOT mention avoiding children. Being that I am a teacher, this is the number one source of pretty much every cold I've ever gotten! So yes, avoid children at all costs! :)

My plan now is a two-tiered approach: day-quil+ny-quil and various herbs (ginger, garlic) and teas. Oh, and lots of sleep.

What do you do to fight/avoid colds?

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