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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's in season

Here is some of what is in season right now, as evidenced by the haul of loot I got at the Farmer's Market today.

Most vendors who have peppers now will have several kinds; they seem to grow better if you have more than one type. These are your basic bell peppers, a hot kind called something like "tophat", and the hottest pepper in the world, a ghost chile (the small yellow one). John has yet to try it! (It's the chile that beat that Man vs. Food guy, even hotter than habeneros.)

There are a wide variety of greens that are coming around now. I got some dino kale, arugula, and my favorite: Chinese spinach (not pictured). Chard is also in season, as are onions, shallots, and leeks.
Winter squash:

I had some butternut squashes over the past few weeks, and still haven't decided what to do with this delicata yet. Maybe lasagne?

It's finally the beginning of apple season. These are called Ambrosia, and they look completely delicious! They also had Cameos, Honeycrisp (which I also love) and several other types. The hard thing about growing apples is that there aren't many types that are self-pollinating; which means that you need several different types of trees in order to ensure that you actually get apples. Someday I will try it!

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