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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Failures and Successes

Lately I've been feeling that a lot of the things I've tried to make have not been, well, great. Like this Pumpkin French Toast:

Looks tasty, but I used waaay too healthy of a bread (read: whole wheat and SOFT) so it soaked up all of the pumpkin and turned into mush. When I tried it with English muffins, it was much better, and less pumpkin-y. Lesson learned: Use dense bread for French Toast!

Example #2:

This book is completely awesome-looking. I want to make TONS of the brownies in it (as evidenced by all of my flags up there.) But the first one I made was a luscious-looking cream cheese brownie, that's supposed to be kept in the freezer. (I moved it to the fridge after one day.) As a result, the brownies were kind of dry in my opinion, and at around 300 calories for one of them, I topped out after two days. They were ok, but definitely not the best ones I've ever made or anything. John and Patrick loved them; I guess I'm just picky. Hopefully the next ones I try will impress me more.
I guess my point here is that it's good to try new things; even if they don't always work. Figure out what is good about the food, and then try it a new way next time. Change is good! (motivational speech= over)

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