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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair 2010

I realize that I've been kind of scarce around these parts lately, and honestly, am completely behind in things I wanted to write about (Ashland? yes. Awesome brunch place in Ashland? yes. Canning? yes. Gardening update? of course.) so I shall be working on that some more soon. But for now, we have last weekend's Harvest Fair.

So many booths!
So much sun!

And the scariest peppers on Earth! (you better believe that I am not eating them... but John is!)

We got to make herb crowns

And random people smiled at us after we left, because they thought we were fairies or something...

But it was awesome.

Then we left and I realized that I forgot to take any pictures of the Tilth gardens this year... and then we walked by this house with amazingly huge gardens in the front yard.

It was amazing!

Crazy mint patch

The grape arbor crossed over the sidewalk and was so beautiful. Their backyard was so full of plants and bean towers, they must have had to walk into the plants to harvest anything. It was truly fantastic!

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