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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


J. and I were lucky enough last night to go to Foodportunity; it's a food blogger/writer/entrepreneur/small business owner/foodie fest, with lots of local businesses, caterers, chefs, and authors. There were about 15 or so different booths there, all with foods to taste, people to meet, and coupons for the having. There were also some local food celebrities there; restauranteurs, and chefs. It was very cool, and the people were ultra friendly!
We even met Keren Brown, the organizer. She puts together these kinds of events every few months, and honestly, I can't remember how exactly I found out about her. I think it has something to do with either the pioneer woman or cakespy. Anyway, these were some of my favorite peeps from last night:

Wheatless in Seattle is a gluten-free baking company that made the fluffiest breads, and the most delicious sundried tomato hummus ever. I'm totally going to try to copy it soon! They sell their products to PCC and a couple of other vendors, and have a location in Greenwood. After visiting their site, I want to go check it out just for some coffee!

This is an easy one. I was just talking yesterday about how excited I was to hear Jennifer Shea speak at the CCE conference in a few weeks.. and then I met her last night! At their booth, they had 3 kinds of mini-cupcakes to try, a caramel-waffle one (J's favorite), a chocolate- hazelnut one (delicious) and (my favorite) one that resembled a Hostess treat from my childhood, the tiger tail. (Coconut cake, raspberry frosting, dipped in more coconut, with raspberry stripes= Love!) After visiting their website and seeing their Pac-man cupcake display... I'm pretty sure we'll be going with Trophy Cupcakes for our wedding cupcakes. We might still have to do a few tastings, just to be sure though. :)

I met Katie a bit later, and her website seems very cool. It's got lots of advice for home chefs, health codes, nutrition, and green living.

Plus, the back of her card is very cool too.
We also had some delicious peach salsa from Metropolitan Market (and a free peaches coupon!), a tasty sweet potato crabcake, mystery Thai leaf-wrapped goodness from The City Catering Company, some great pie samples, an invite to a tasting on Thursday at Il Fornaio, and more desserts from Starlight Desserts (mmm... mini black forest cake!). All in all, it was a great night!

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