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Monday, August 2, 2010

Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs

I am so excited!! I just bought my ticket for the CCE conference in a couple of weeks. (August 13-15, at the Century Ballroom) It looks like it will be the place to be for an awesome combination of business advice, craftiness, cool creative people, and inspiration in general. The whole idea is that it's a 3-day event, bringing together crafty individuals for seminars, hands-on workshops, and advice to get your creative business up and running. I've been kind of thinking about starting an etsy store to sell my crafty things for a while, and am also looking ahead to the future for the next phase of my business. I think this will be the perfect place to give me some new ideas and maybe kick me in the butt to get things going!

They've been putting the conference together for months now, and there are new speakers and guests added every week! I'm most excited to go to this and this, and to see Jenny Hart and Jennifer Shea! (In fact, we will probably get cupcakes from her Trophy cupcakes for our wedding next year. :) ) To see the whole lineup, visit here, and when you sign up, you can even save $25 by using the code 25discount. (You can also like them on FB, and get updates on the event by going here.) Isn't that sweet?

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