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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fuschia and Blackberry Update

These ones are in the backyard, and they're just starting to open.

And the blackberries? Are on their way to being tamed. I check them every few days, which I think is the key. If they grow a lot unmonitored, they turn into scary cobra snake vines. These ones however, are doing really well. I keep wrapping them around the wire, and make them go where I want them to.

I've also cut back some that were too far out of range to be trained. For some reason, leaving them alone long enough to reach the trellis thingie has made all sorts of other plants grow rampant behind them. (I'm talking to you, crazy pink weed things and obnoxious overnight ferns!) We're starting to get some blossoms though, so it will be berries in no time!!

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