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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Essential Baking; Shameless Plug

I love Essential Baking Company. The bread. The sandwiches. The soups. THE COOKIES. Everything is just fantastic there, even the veggie sandwich I got on accident one time that I thought would be weird (cranberries, brie, cucumbers, lettuce, and sprouts? ok...) was really good. Who else would make a panini sandwich filled with yams, caramelized leeks, and swiss chard? Today was no exception; a sandwich with avocado, charred pepper, grilled onions, and cilantro pesto, and a lovely Greek salad that had almost as many basil leaves as it did lettuce leaves. You had me at "basil leaves". And the cookies! I've had their thumbprint cookies a few times, and Mmmm! Butter! Almonds! Raspberry Jam! So good! Yes, I love this place, and lately have been going out of my way to stop by; even if they're out of my favorite bread (rosemary with salt on top) they always have something worth eating.

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