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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taming the beasts

Lately I've noticed that the backyard has become a bit... shall we say overgrown with ferns and blackberries? It's really pretty insane. I went from something managable to this craziness:

(You can't really tell how tall they are, but trust me!) I ripped out several ferns that were in the way of the blackberries, but left the ones in the back of them, since John likes them.

4 foot high cobra-like blackberry bushes, and giant ferns from the age of the dinosaurs. Not cool, yard!

Then, I endeavored to make a sort of trellis for the blackberries to climb, in the hopes that I would be able to actually access blackberries, instead of climbing into the bushes and ending up covered in scratches. Yesterday, I bought some giant tomato stakes, and some tough green wire.

I set the poles about 4 feet apart, then tied the wire to them. Then I realized that the blackberries were a bit too far away, so I tied a few to the wire with some velcro and fabric ties.

Here's hoping they'll climb! Then I weeded a HUGE pile of dandelions and gave them to the bunny. She was pretty happy... well, as happy as she gets anyway!

(Muppet with a pile of greens, bigger than she is!)

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