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Monday, May 31, 2010

Gardening Update

It's been a little while since I did a gardening update, so I thought I'd show you how things look now, and what you can start planting this week.

I bought these gorgeous chives for $3 at the Redmond Farmer's Market on Saturday. It's not the biggest market I've ever been to, but it was pretty nice; and aside from the lousy weather, there were still quite a few people there.

I love this plant! I just repotted it today. See the pretty new blooms just about to open? The woman I bought it from made me promise to try eating the flowers. I think I'll try them in a salad or something. (I also know that you can dry them out a bit and use them to flavor olive oil. Doesn't that sound pretty?)

Here is my green/peas bed. The peas and beans are doing pretty well, and my Asian greens are going crazy!!

Another bean shot: (and tomatillos in the white square pot. Not too much to report on them yet.)
Peas using shallots to climb (instead of my tomato cage) and some zucchinis. I'm determined to be swimming in piles of squash and peas this year!

Crazy asparagus, still growing (into an asparagus fern). There are a couple more, but this one is the biggest!

Purple kohlrabi. I'm so excited for these! The bulbs are so tasty; sliced thinly, and dress with a tahini/soy sauce dressing. Mmmmm!

Potatoes! Growing in two different pots, faster than I can keep them covered with dirt!

Strawberry/rhubarb patch: some of them are getting berries already!!

Back deck tomato experiment. This is a "Sweet Million" cherry tomato that I got at... um... Top Foods I think, for $3. It's gigantic!! Hopefully, I'll get something close to that number of tomatoes this year....
All this gardening talk has made even the watering can tired. :)

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