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Saturday, May 22, 2010

DIY Sprouts

It is surprisingly easy to grow your own sprouts. Not only are they very tasty, they are chock full of vitamins and good things for you! I first discovered how to make sprouts when I was reading a book by Mary Jane Butters, "Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook". She runs an organic farm in Idaho, and has a magazine devoted to "farmgirls". I can only occasionally find it, so I was pretty happy when she came out with a book (I think she has 3 or 4 now). Anyway, I digress.

To start, you need some seeds for sprouting. I use a mixture of alfalfa, radish, and clover. You can get them at natural food-type stores, usually in the bulk spice section. I buy mine at Central Market in Poulsbo. (There's another one in Shoreline, if you're primarily on this side of the water.) I put about a teaspoon of each kind of seed into a clean jar (all together) and fill it with water for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, drain out the water. You can either pour it into a fine mesh strainer, or buy one of these nifty covers made for straining sprouts into a jar. (My mom had one left from the 80's.)
You will now need to rinse the seeds twice a day for a few days. I usually rinse them in the morning, and at night. After about 5 days, your jar will look like this!:

I'm keeping mine out for another day or two, then after that you can store them in the fridge. You want the sprouts to have green bits and also be long enough to eat! I put them on sandwiches, salads, and just had some on a veggie burger tonight. Mmmm...

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