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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bento Goodies

Remember this book? I found it again the other day, and decided that it's time to start making some awesome lunches! (This has nothing to do with having more time off, of course....) In order to make the fancy set-up bentos, I had to make a trip to Uwajimaya. Come along with me!

Very cute plastic grass seperators, that you use to um... seperate things. Like foods. In a fancy way. Shut up, they're awesome!

Then I searched high and low to find tiny soy sauce dispensors. They also had some shaped like naked babies, but a.) I did not think my fiance would like that so much and b.) THE SAUCE SQUIRTS OUT OF THEIR HEADS. Both of these led to these little ones, like tiny ketchup bottles and little fish. Much more normal.

Then, I found these. They are some sort of new soy-based wrapper that you can use like seaweed. I do not know if they are tasty, I only know that they were colorful, seemed like they could be useful, and on sale! ($2.89 vs. $5.98 at Fred Meyer where I saw them later. Yeah, I would not have paid that.)

Last but not least, we needed some new containers, preferably ones that are leakproof. These claim to do that, plus are dishwasher AND microwave safe. Win!

See the side-locking bits?

Up next? An awesome Sesame Noodle Salad that you can put into your new bento! (or tupperware, as the case may be.)

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