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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sean Conway's Cultivating Life

This is my new favorite gardening book. It is simply AMAZING and I want to buy it for everyone I know who gardens. (including myself, really. This is from the library!!)
It's got tons of information about growing all sorts of things; blueberries, citrus, asparagus... and every section has some project that makes me want to own a wood shop. For instance, this:

Not only is it a house for ducks (which I totally want to have some day), it has a GREEN ROOFING SYSTEM. Look at that!! The plans are in here!
Then we have this:

A Calder-esque mobile of air plants! It totally suits my Dr. Seussian taste in plants.
Towards the end, we find this tiny water garden:

I would love to have a pond one day (for the ducks, of course) with some water lilies. This book shows how to set up this sort of thing in just a half-barrel. It has a page on growing rice plants as a centerpiece. How to grow orchids (and explained to my why I always manage to kill them.) Creating a bog in a pot. Building cold frames. And porch swings. And just about any cool thing you never knew you wanted. Even giant sturdy bean towers:

That's on my list too! I cannot urge you enough to go out and get this book!

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