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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gardening Update, Part 1 (plus bonus recycling!)

After a recent party, I got the brilliant idea to save the plastic bottles to make mini-cloches to protect smaller seedlings in my garden. First I washed them out with soapy water, and let them dry. Then I cut off the bottom of the bottles, and went out to find them new homes in the front yard. Tiny lettuce seedlings:
A small strawberry plant or two:
These purple kohlrobi are doing ok on their own:
And now we come to the addition of all the new plants I've gotten so far this year. These are some geraniums that were a part of the giant sale at Fred Meyer last weekend.

Kale and mystery spinach/berry hybrid (called Emelia) from the Seattle Tilth sale.

Strawberry/rhubarb/garlic patch. (I know, weird combo. We'll see how it does!)

And the unbearable cute jonquils from Top Foods. Grocery stores just suck me in!!

Fuschias from Fred Meyer sale. (They were 5 for $3! With free extra potting soil! Bargain of the century!)
I started reading "Confessions of a Shopaholic" the other day. I see no correlation in my life, whatsoever.
Next up, the back yard!!

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