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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everything's coming up... veggies?

Well, not quite... but my peonies seem pretty happy!

And so is this flamingo!

Onion patch

These are actually some potatoes that I got from the Farmer's market, and we didn't eat them fast enough, so they started sprouting. Let's hope this year's experiment is better than last years'!


Kohlrabi! (and if you look really close....)

Some shallots are coming up.

If you look even closer..... there appears to be an asparagus or two trying to make an appearance! I wasn't expecting that for at least another year or two. :)

Some greens... I planted so many, it is now "mystery greens" patch. Asian greens. Lettuce mix. Chives. Braising blend.

One lettuce, and more beets.

This is my actual lilac. Although it is still very small, it's so pretty!

The end!

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