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Friday, April 23, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

I like to make more interesting and complicated recipes on the weekends; there's more time, and you feel like you deserve some sort of reward for making it through the work week (besides sleeping in.) :)

You will enjoy it, just like John! (He's happy, I swear!)

Here's my version of breakfast burritos from last weekend:
Cast of characters:

2 eggs, 1 cup or so of veggie crumbles, some grated sharp cheddar...
tomatoes, Anaheim chile pepper, half an onion.

Chop up chile pepper, onion. Spray a frying pan with cooking spray, and add veggies. Also add a little chile powder while you're at it. Let it cook for a few minutes, and add some water if it's taking a while to get done. Add the veggie crumbles and chopped tomato. (I ended up only using one tomato instead of two.) Then whip up the eggs in a small bowl, and add. Scramble around, until the eggs are cooked.

Cover with cheese until it melts.

Serve on a heated tortilla, with avocado, sour cream, or salsa. Enjoy!

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