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Friday, April 16, 2010

Backyard Garden

While the backyard is far from done, I have been doing quite a bit with it lately. The right side is mostly herbs and lavender, while the left side has flowers, hazelnut trees, and a little birdbath.
Butterfly bush: I love this plant!! I brought it with me from the condo, and this is the 3rd or 4th year it has flowered! It even survived last year's random hailstorms and snow.
Left garden:
Herb garden:

I've made a nice little path border with rocks I've taken from other parts on our property. (i.e. FREE!)
Here's a new purple plant, in the area that has now been themed "purple plants".

Next to it is my new azelea. (also a type of purple)

Some violets...

And wacky purple plants that were already here, but scattered around so I kept stepping on them. Now they're in a row, and we can see them!!

Cute little bird house, lantern, and anti-wasp thingie. Also in the background is a mystery tree that had been cut down, and now is coming back. We are rewarding its tenacity and keeping it!

New purple honeysuckle; I've never even seen one before, and it was on sale... so of course I bought it!

Cauliflower starts; possibly the only non-purple thing I've planted here!

Tiny hazelnut tree starts. Someday they will be big and have lots of nuts! (that sounded less dirty in my head)

Lavender; survived 2 winters! And seems to like the shade.

Mystery purple plant, given to me by a student a couple of years ago. I really hadn't noticed until now the ridiculous quantity of purple plants I have!

Mystery lily bulbs that I moved, and horrendously large (and scratchy) cedar thing we moved last weekend. It left battle scars on both John and myself. He likes it though, so we're keeping it.

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