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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sun Calculator

I got this new device as part of a birthday present. Its' job is to measure the sunlight in an area, and tell you if it's technically shade/partial shade/part sun/full sun. You need to put it out early in the morning, turn it on, and leave it for 24 hours; it only gathers info for 12 hours, so you can't put it out the night before. I'm wondering if it matters that we haven't hit peak "sun" hours yet, as it keeps telling me that everywhere I've tested is only "partial shade"- even when I cheated yesterday, and moved it to different areas of the deck! We shall see what it says tomorrow, since today it was in the sunniest area of our yard- the front hill. (Where I'm planning to grow all my fruits and vegetables this year, whether it says to or not!)

It's attached to a convenient stake, so you can put it in a pot directly, or into the ground. This is to approximate the height of a plant that you would grow there. I'll give you an update soon!

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