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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Month of Snax!

Yes, the Season of Soups is OVER. (well, until I have another soup recipe to post) :) I now declare March to be the Month of Snacks! Here are some good (and healthy) ones I've been having lately:

1.) Popcorn- actual air-popped popcorn, with melted margarine and salt. None of that microwave crap anymore!

2.) Veggies and Hummus- TJ's has my favorite "Spicy Hummus", but Costco's Meze hummus is good too. I've been having lots of chopped up broccoli and carrots lately, but you could try peppers, jicama, celery... just about anything that's good raw, really.

3.) Apple+ peanut butter- Mmmmm....

4.) Triscuits+ cheese. 4 Triscuits (the reduced fat ones) = 1 point on WW, and with about an ounce of cheese, you are good to go!

5.) Pistachios- I read somewhere lately that this is one of the lowest calorie nuts out there, plus they are my mom's favorite, and ultra tasty! (and green) :)

6.) Japanese roasted peas- I thought I got the wasabi kind, but turns out they were just the regular ones. Still very good! (and kids actually like them!)

7.) Yogurt with jam- I get just the plain or vanilla kind, then add some fruit or jam to give it a new flavor. Yum!

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