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Monday, February 22, 2010

Theo Chocolate and Making Butterfly Wings

We went on a tour of the Theo chocolate factory in Fremont yesterday, and it was awesome! For $6, you get to try every kind of chocolate that they make, and see the whole production. I was most impressed by the quality of everything that they do; they care about free trade and organic products, and they're even coming out with chocolate bars that directly support Jane Goodall's research in Tanzania. (and will be the first chocolate producer IN THE WORLD to source cacao beans from there.) Just amazing (and delicious!) My favorite of the fancy chocolates we tried was a fig/fennel combination, so I got this bar for my sister...
And this was my favorite bar (you can tell I already started on it...) Visit: www.theochocolate.com for more info, or to call them and reserve a place on your own tour!

Up next, I'm working on preparing some fancy cupcakes for my cupcake workshops in late March/early-to-mid April. I tried making some butterfly wings with candy melts this weekend, not to much success. Today's were much better!

You draw out the shape first on paper, then put it under some wax paper. Melt the chocolate candy melts inside a ziploc plastic bag, about 20 seconds at a time. (Leave the top open, so heat can escape) Snip the corner, and pipe the outside of the wing. Then fill the middle with the colored melted candy.

Swirl it around a bit, and make a design with a toothpick. Add a few sprinkles.

Magical! I'll post some more pictures once I actually put them on cupcakes.

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