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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Garden planning

So, the other day, I got a catalogue from these people in the mail...


and I've already started planning my next year's garden! They know good timing, that's for sure! Some of my tax return will go to them right away.
I think I'm going to do a 2'x4' strawberry patch up on top of my hill, then 3 or 4 4'x6' little raised beds. We already have a mature blueberry bush, and two baby ones (that did nothing at all this year, and basically look like sticks), so I might get a couple more of those too. I need to go through my seeds and see what I bought last year that I didn't even plant yet (soybeans, anyone?) and what might still be good (Italian runner beans? Sunflowers? Now that I have an area with a high fence, I'm ready to try!) I'll let you know as it progresses!

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