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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Potato plant!

This might be one of the easiest plants I've ever grown. I wanted to have a few different kinds of potatoes in my garden this year- but I never got around to buying any starts. Instead, I had an old organic potato in my fridge that started growing roots before I managed to eat it. So, I cut it up into a few pieces (one piece per sprouting area) and threw it in an old pot with some dirt on top of it.

At first, it didn't do much, and I was trying it out more as an experiment than anything else. But then, it started to grow. I kept watering it, and adding more dirt, as the plant got bigger. Then, I got a new pot (I know some people grow them in big garbage cans, but I really wasn't willing to spend that much for this.) and kept adding more dirt. Look how huge it is now! I'm so excited for when I can start trying to harvest some potatoes!

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