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Monday, April 13, 2009


It is almost mid-April, and I just ran outside, in my pyjamas, to rescue my newly-planted tomato and blueberry plants from HAIL. Loud, evil, rock salt-sized pieces of hail, pounding into the ground like tiny jackhammers, trying to beat my new baby plants to death. Of course I had to intervene. (Don't judge about the sleepwear, ok? I'm still sick! "Risking life and limb to protect summer crops...")

Oh, and those water things? They're supposed to help the plants grow bigger/faster. It keeps them warmer than normal... but "normal" right now is not so warm! (They're pretty awesome though... My other tomato plant looks HUGE already, in comparison to Wimpy McWimperton over here on the right.)

Isn't that amazing?!

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